A carefully crafted selling experience that suits you perfectly.


When you partner with Savest Realty Group to list your property, we understand that you’re trusting us with one of your greatest assets, so we’re committed to providing time-tested and professional services to get you the greatest possible return. You deserve an honest and straight-forward selling experience. That’s exactly what we deliver, every time


From the moment we have our first meeting, through closing, and beyond, we walk you through every step of the listing process and keep an open line of communication. We keep you informed throughout the process by breaking down important market factors that will influence how we price your home, outlining our perfected listing roadmap, and sharing our proven marketing strategy so you can make educated decisions about your listing and get the highest return from your investment.

“I tried to sell using another agent, and my place was on the market for months. I hired BN Realty Group, and my place sold in 2 weeks! I’m in Toronto so I thought it would be difficult to sell, being so far away, but the team made it so easy! Everything was seamless and I knew I could count on them to answer my questions right away.”


Your satisfaction is our top priority.



We use market insights and experience gained over more than 50 years to strike the right balance when pricing your home. With intuition and industry intelligence, we help you set a price that is attractive to buyers, while maximizing the value of your property.


We use marketing strategies that are ahead of the curve, sparing no effort when advertising your property. With a keen sense of buyer expectations and perceptions, we focus on targeting the ideal buyer using laser-sharp digital tactics and effective traditional marketing that’s specific to the buyer profile. We do this while maximizing interest and exposure.


We’ve been selling GTA real estate for over a decade, which means we’ve guided thousands of clients through all types of market fluctuations, industry changes, and listing scenarios to deliver a successful sale every time. And we’ve maintained top performance as a team throughout it all.

We know the local housing stock, understand what buyer wants, and are tapped into the city’s communities, so we provide valuable insight to support your salesthat you simply won’t get with the average agent. With this unmatched expertise, we’re able to interpret the current market and what it means for your unique sale to capitalize on the situation and get the most money for your property.


We would love to hear from you! Send me a message and we’ get right back in touch.


You get comprehensive concierge service when we manage your listing, so you’ll experience a streamlined, simplified sale. From staging to marketing, we facilitate each step in-house to ensure you receive the highest level of service.

We’ve assembled a powerhouse team, which includes an extended network of Calgary’s top professionals, to ensure you always receive consistent treatment. This includes lawyers, trades, movers, and more. All you have to do is hand us the keys, and watch your property transform.

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